i think...sometimes

things i thought about while cleaning the kitchen and dishes today.

- ben and courtney are crazy, so clearly it will work out
- emily as the bachelorette?? really? i wonder if they will have Bently on the show, to cause some drama because thats all he could talk about when it was ashley...."i wish she was emily." stupid face.
- why is knife spelt with a k in front. what the heck!?
- he should have picked Lindzi! what the heck.
- really front of shirt soaked again, why must this happen. i need to make something that makes this not happen.
- josh and jennifer looked freaking amazing at the premiere of hunger games. super jealous of the people that got to see it already.
- i love confetti birthday cards from aunt sherri, cracks me up and makes me smile. i need to send more cards to people.
- seriously, Bently will have to be mentioned or something!!

and there you have it.
the inner workings of my crazy mind while cleaning.


  1. He totally picked the wrong girl!!! And the english language is ridic. Loving your blog!

  2. haha agree about everything!

    happy birthday week :) !!!


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