blog stalk

is it even possible to blog stalk....your own blog.

cause sometimes i feel like i do. hahaha.

i'm creeping myself out here! haha.

do you go back and read your own blog stuff?  i catch myself doing it all the time. maybe cause i don't want to clean anymore, or i just want to be lifeless for a few minutes. 

check out mentally.

okay so i hope you aren't checking out mentally when you read the nonsence i write, but if you do, that's okay.

everyone needs a break sometimes. glad i could feed your need.

any who, i can't even remember what brought this on.  oh yeah, i was stalking myself. i came across this post. i sometimes question my sanity.

those crazed eyes. that was taken just after i had finished 6 weeks of HCG diet. yes, you heard me right 6 weeks. ugh. worst weeks of my life. it was actually exactly a year ago that i did it.

so glad i have a different, heathier attitude this year about losing weight. i was cray cray. the proof is in the picture.

anyway, this was totally mindless fun right?! i hope you enjoyed this time we've shared together as much as i have.


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1 comment:

  1. I re read my blogs a lot.
    Since they follow my comings and goings so closely.

    It helps me to remember timelines and what not.

    Or... If something similar is effecting me... I go back to an old post, and suddenly feel better.


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