my children can be picky eaters but something i am super grateful for is the fact that they love eating of fruits and vegetables.

yes, they are like regular children and love sweets, salty, and unhealthy snacks, and would choose junk food over good food any day.

i mean who doesn't? if you don't, do not tell me, because i still want to like you. :)

i was at a family thing (my husbands side) this past Sunday and they usually have a desert after a spiritual lesson or something like that, but regardless, always delicious deserts present.

it was time to dish up some goodness for the kids. i started with amelia. i asked her if she wanted a brownie of course she said yes, she sat down and just starred at her little brownie, took a small bite and then that was it.  she noticed i was eating some strawberries and blueberries and asked for those instead. a proud moment for me right there! my little healthy eater.

evelyn wanted ice cream so she got some, standard, then asked for me to put some blueberries on it for her. again a proud moment for this momma!

 Children's favorite Fruit & Veggies to have around the house:  celery, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, strawberries, apples, banana's & oranges.

if i let them i'm pretty sure they would just eat those all day everyday.

i am more than happy to accommodate. :)

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  1. Rig is the same way! He likes fruits and veggies and LOVES sweets/sugar.

    Would be lying if I didn't say I'm the say way haha.

  2. Emry loves Broccoli, Peas, Julianned Carrots, Strawberries, Apple sauce, Bananas...

    I couldn't be more proud.

    He hates chocolate... but, every once in a while (during a holiday will ask for it)....

    He eats better than I do.

    He told me that I should eat Broccoli every meal for 10 days, and then I'd be healthy like him.
    Pretty Sound Advice.


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