geeking out!!

holy smoly!

-seriously over 50 peeps care to follow my small, insignificant, freakishly random, spasm blog?!

awwwwwwwww, thanks folks. no wonder i'm about to give one of you $$, you clearly deserve it, cause i'm crazy and people who follow crazy get mad props in my book.

-okay yeah so i'm freaking excited to have lost 18 pounds!!
i've worked super wicked hard for those dang 18 pounds. i can tell my body so dearly wants to hold on to every pound, cause that's what it's used too, sorry body, i'd like to be small again. thanks. :)

i'm hoping to have that say 20 by my birthday. my goal was 25, but i'll take what i get and i won't throw a fit. WOOT!

- 14 days till hunger games!! and 13 days till i see it with my sisters! i am so freaking excited!!! i can't contain it!  i love hunger games with a passion. i'm freakin obsessed, i try not to show it too much or that's all i would talk about. i'm saving you, you know.

- birthday in 8 days! YEAH!!

i'm just so freaking excited about everything right now!! gah!

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  1. yay! congrats on the 18 pounds!! lucky!!! im still only down about a total of 11... how much have you lost since starting WW??


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