small victory

so i went to target last night with my sister. who really should be a personal shopper. i mean seriously. she knows her stuff.

anywho. i got a gift card there from my birthday so i wanted to buy something, and something good.

so we went around the store and she kept shoving shirts and things into my cart. all things i normally wouldn't try on.  it always surprises me when i actually get it on, that it does look good.

okay so i was debating on getting a skirt or jeans.

my sister took a photo of the skirt to try and convince me it actually looks good. hahaha..


i liked it for sure and i thought it looks great. i've never owned or wore a pencil skirt before, but i didn't get it. hahaha. if i'm still thinking about it i'll eventually go back and get it, i'm just hoping for clearance, some day.
and that shirt too. love it!!

i did end up getting a freakin great pair of jeans though.

i'm super excited about them for a few reasons:

1. i have a butt it them. and i good looking one at that too. the other pair of jeans i have are so big they were falling off and were so baggy.

2. they are more of a blue color rather than jean color.(i hope you know what i mean) getting me one step closer to owning a pair of colored jeans, hahaha.

3. they are TWO sizes smaller than what i normally would have bought. so freaking excited about that!!

a successful night at the ol' Target!!!

tomorrows post will be all hunger games!! i'm going tonight to see it! woot woot!


  1. holy crap!!! you look so good!! you must go back right this once and buy that outfit!!

  2. That outfit is amazing. You look so dang good! I love it! So much in fact, I might need to make the 30 mile trek to Target! :)


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