i'd have to say that the last two have been freakin awesome. 

i have forgotten how much i actually love working out. the burn of your muscles being worked, the point where you think you could pass out but you keep going, and the best feeling ever is knowing you finished, and i am ALIVE. :)

i loved doing it in high school. it was my favorite class.

my mother and i signed up the summer before my senior year and did a flippin intense sports lifting class from my school.  i know my mom wanted someone to do it with her so of course i signed up.  it turned out that i was really good at lifting.  cling and jerk, those types of lifts.  it was A LOT of fun too! it was every day for a couple of hours. it was hot and miserable, but loved it.

i hope to be able to get back to that, the lifting.  i want to get to a certain point so i can sign up for crossfit.  i've looked at a few places close to my house that have a program. it would be so amazing!  i've been very inspired by this lady, simply sadie jane, she is pregnant and lifting too! super awesome.

something to remember

 it's been 4 weeks and i've noticed the change. 4 more weeks :) can't wait for 12!!! :)

have a wonderful day!

Make it a great week and don't give up!

if you do i'll send out my rex to get ya motivated. BAHAHAHA!!

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