three days

i didn't get on blogger for 3 days and i probably shouldn't do that anymore. hahaha.

i am so far behind on reading and catching up on my favorite blogs. it's crazy! i have plenty to read the next couple of days. i'm following, i don't know how many blogs, maybe almost 200 or so and i love reading every single one of them, so i pretty much have almost 200 favorite blogs.

i love looking back through blogs and see how things were different, or not, or just finding more reasons to think i'm a crazy stalker. you know the drill. secretly wishing i would run into people on the streets so i can take pictures with them, or just try to be cool like them. 

i actually did see Ashley from I believe in Unicorns late one night at target (like a month ago).  I saw her husband first, and i was like "holy cow!! it's that guy! where is ashley?" i looked around, probably like a maniac, and walking in a different direction very quickly and on a mission to find something was ashley, as cute as a button.  i thought about it, and decided not to say hi, cause really?! what would i say to the ever fashionable, adorable ashley?  "hi, i love your blog, i'm not really a crazy weirdo....uhhh, yeah sooooo target...welp see ya." i would have died. bahaha. but sounds like an amazing standard awkward moment for me.

any who.

anyone have an experience with meeting someone from the blog world and actually talked to them, like i wish i did.  i'm sure those are some fun stories. 

i hope everyone has had a great weekend and has a super duper week!!!


  1. Cute post.

    Haven't met any bloggers yet...
    But one day.. WHO KNOWS!



  2. Yes I've met a blogger before! It's so funny seeing someone in person! Often its the voice that gets me, it's like oh, that's what they sound like! haha


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