games begin

yesterday i went to a pre screening of Hunger Games.  I've been so excited for this!

we were planning on making an event of it.  eating, standing in line, you know the goods. we got there at 4:15ish and our movie was starting at 6:15 so we would have plenty of time to eat. well they had us waiting inside the lobby, and whelp no food there. blasphemy!! but i am glad we were inside, it was nice. so we ended up eating after around 9 at chipotle.  i was hungry.

i don't want to give away anything from the movie okay maybe a few things, not much. but, i mean if you've read the books you know what happens.  But i LOVE how they added a few scenes in there that you didn't get to read from the books. just a better look at how the games are made, and how they worked.

really wonderful!! the camera work in the beginning was shaky, but i take that as they wanted you to feel the perspective of one of the people in the seam. how they would feel, and especially walking up to the reaping. i pretty much loved every bit of it.  anyone who saw it. please i would love to hear what you thought!!

we took a few pictures of us there, but my sisters told me if i put an unflattering picture of them they would hunt me down and, to put it nicely, hunger game me.  so this is the best i could do.

we made our shirts too.

the only picture that they looks good, but i looks like i was doing some drugs and this is how it turned out.. but i'll take one for the team. i think my teeth look nice, so that's okay.

i saw this as we were leaving. he belonged to a group of girls that were first in line for the midnight showing (they told me they had been there for like 14 hours or something! awesome!). they were very nice to let me take a picture with peeta.

it was a great night, and amazing movie. i honestly want to go see it again. like right now! hahaha.

i'm just glad that my old bones didn't have to stay up till 3am to see it, i was so tired at 9, i wouldn't have made it! 

oh and can i mention there was a preview for Breaking Dawn part 2!! ohh i can't wait for that one either! so excited!
thank you to dawna for getting me those tickets!! woot!


  1. what about the pic that my friend callie took? did that one not look good? i dont remember. Jon wants to go see it, so i think we'll go next week! :) did chris read the books?

  2. Loved it too!! Prescreening is totally the way to go! Did you see the preview for The Host?! If you haven't read it, its a must!!

  3. Loved it!! Love peeta (partially becasue he decorates cakes at his rents bakery lol)Looks like you had fun!

  4. mallory- no that pic we all looks....weird. i had smoosh face, you had no neck, kim had wide eyes and cheese smile. haha.

    ashley- i didn't see the preview for that one. i've heard it was great too. i'll have to get a copy of it and check it out. :)

    kat- thank you my dear!

  5. aww, peeta! swoon worthy!
    and i'm super pumped for the last twilight. i feel like this whole time has been building up for this movie!!! i hope it's everything i imagined it to be while i read the books!
    xo TJ


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