every time i say thanks i say it as the snake from harry potter. sometimes out loud, mostly to my husband, but in my mind to everyone else. hahaha.  you know the one.  when the glass disappears and the snake gets out. yes, just like that.

so thanksssss for all the lovely birthday wishes. 

it was a simple, nice day, with some fantastic weather i might add. again LUV Arizona.

my children were sick. again. which has been a yearly ritual since Evelyn was a baby. 4 years of sick birthday children. joys of motherhood. i just have to say that I'm happy no one was throwing up this year though. so it was a HUGE improvement from last year.

my parents came over in the afternoon to wish me a happy birthday, they brought me a birthday cake.  something i don't really think about having, it's just one of those things you forget about i guess.
anywho, they brought me a really awesome gift. they read in my 11 random facts post that i wanted a garden in my front yard but i would end up killing all the plants.  so they brought me flowers to plant, but these bad boys can't die.

yes those are some lovely, springy, happy fake flowers.  :)

they make me happy. we all went out side and "planted" them together with the kids, they had a wonderful time. 

it makes the front of my house not to haunted looking.

the rest of the day was spent resting, and enjoying time with my kiddos, and watching Mad Men. IM IN LOVE

the kids did get me a little something too. it was cute.
they got me some sour patch candy, evelyn told me because she wanted to eat them, and a bunco game set. since they know how much i love the game.  now i need to start my own group, or at least have people come over and play because it is so fun!!

again thank you for the birthday love!


  1. haha, love that you say "thanks" like that. It will probably be in my head all day whenever I hear that word or want to say it.

  2. Haha! i love that you have fake flowers. I wondered if they were fake when I saw them, because I remembered your comment about it too. Glad you had a good day!

  3. Glad you had a great birthday!! Love the fake flowers that's how we roll around here too!


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