i feel like i need to throw my hands in the air when i say zupas. i feel a little greek but i'ts not.

last night i went out with my sisters, a birthday night out, Mal, Kim, & Amy. we went to Zupas of course....flipping sooo sooo good!!

our delicious food.
They have soups, salads, & sandwhiches. oh man, the tomato basil & cauliflower soups were so creamy and good. best soup hands down. yeah they have one in Phoenix and then the rest are in Utah. WHAT?!

if it wasn't so far away from my house i would go there all the time...actually thats probably a good thing it is far.

after we filled our tummies, we went over to the store Last Chance.  it's a Nordstroms outlet, so yeah really flippin great prices.  i had heard that if you were lucky you could find some Tom's there at super great prices.

well the store must have known that that was all i was looking for and graciously provided the sweetest pair Tom's in my size.  i mean i was hoping for just any, like plain gray or maybe blue. 

Scored myself some black sparkly ones! whopping 20 bones. yeah i was so excited!! best birthday gift to myself ever!! :)

i thought about getting this hat there too..

yeah i thought it might be a too russian inspired. hahaha. they had some really fun hats there, one reminded me of a pillow case you just threw on your head and wore it out.

hahaha.  good times with the sisters, and a great night out!! woot!


  1. My friend and I were just talking about that store this morning! Where is it exactly? We are planning on heading that way next month and wanted to go check it out.

  2. totally eating the leftovers RIGHT now! Haha.

    That was so fun! And I'm glad you scored those toms!

  3. Congrats on finding the Toms!! Yeah. Last Chance is off the hook. I used to go in high school looking for Doc Martens. Remember those days? Haha, I noticed my dentist had some on yesterday.

    I had no idea there was a Zupa's in Phoenix! Used to go there all the time in Provo.

  4. Victoria-yes you must go its awesome!! it's off of the 17 and camelback road!

    Amy- i gave jon my leftover soup, yeah kind of regreting that one!

    Kateri- i actually almost bought it, but i figured not something to wear in the summer!

    Jenna- bahaha oh those martens...they were so cool and posh. and yes Zupas is literally a hop, skip and a jump from Last Chance! go eat there then walk across to last chance. :)

  5. I tagged you in a question thingy :)


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