pet peeve

okay want to know what really bugs me?! yes? i shall share my young ones.

people who can't seem to get carts into the place for carts in the parking lot of stores!  seriously how flippin difficult is it to get it there?  there are plenty of opportunities out there to get it somewhere.  

the most annoying is the cart that just sitting next to it. seriously what another 2 inches was too much for you?! really?!

yes i admit i have on occasion not put the cart back but i at least have the courtesy of moving to a place where its not in the middle of a parking spot or right next to the door of a car.

i experienced such a thing while i was picking up my copy of I Am Number Four (you are more then welcome to come watch it with me, can you say party?).  It seriously ruined my awesome mood.

So to document the lameness, I drew you a awesome picture. Yes i know, i know,  I'm an amazing artist. thank you.

Yeah, so i super hero saved those carts and brought them safely home.  Oh, did i forget to mention i have an alter ego?  I Am Cart Women.  With super cart saving skills. (there is a story behind this, my dad is Cart Man, and i'm just trying to live up to his awesome super abilities.) 

You know what may be worse then this whole cart thing?  The fact that i have the parking lot of walmart freaking memorized.  Yeah that's a whole other issue right there. I apparently go way too much.

I've got a lame pet peeve (why it is even called this? weird words together. google will tell me), what's yours eh?!


  1. my pet peeve is people that are always late and scatter brained all the time----wait a sec...................... im married to one. how did that happen?? :)

  2. oh and the other one is the security code things when you want to make a comment on a blog!!! yeah- i noticed you dont have one any more!!


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