I am not a mom of fashion.  Never have been and have tried sometimes with complete disaster.  I have never had a nac for putting clothes together or thinking that something looks totally amazing on me.  I applaud all those chica's (blogging girls) that i see that have pictures of themselves looking ubber fabulous and put together, and they tell you where they got their look from and such and such.

Well this is me.

hair never done
no make up
no accessories
shirt: walmart on sale $2
shorts: i think i swiped those from my mom
shoes:  i never wear them.

60% of the time
i look like this every time.



  1. I used to follow fashion blogs and then for the most part I stopped. I realized that even if I could afford to buy clothes like that...we would probably end up putting it in the bank and I will simply never look like a jcrew model haha.

    my first giveaway :)

  2. ha ha! i had to stp looking at the blogs about fashion too. i just stick with asking mallory what looks good:) she has great taste in clothes and shoes

  3. i think you look cute and who cares? you get to spend your time doing something way more important than fashionable :)


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