NOTE TO SELF:  Don't get distracted and forget that you've put your child in time out.

The one time she actually listens and stays put until i come get her, i forget about her.

When i finally realize this, after about oh I'd say 30 minutes, i go to her room and she looks up at me and says.  "yay! your back, i'm happy now mom."  I apologized that i forgot about her and she told me its okay.

why i love being a mother:
  • My children forgive me easily for the "really?!" moments during the day. (story above:one of many)
  • I can always count on big hugs and kisses whenever i want.
  • They are always happy to see me, no matter what.
  • My oldest courtesy laughs at my jokes.
  • My youngest has the best smile, and is always showing it off.
  • They make me feel like i'm one of a kind.
Cheers to all mommas!
We work hard & we play hard. 
We are awesome. 

Happy Mother Day

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