gag reflexes

For the record, this does not effect me what-so-ever.  However my husband's gag reflexes are terrible. 

Now for the story.

I'm in the bathroom and i hear Evelyn start running around freaking out (btw, why do things always seem to happen when its time for a bathroom break. there is plenty of time before and after that. geez)  So i get out and here comes Evelyn screaming MOM, MOM MIA MIA POOPOO!! this is all while gagging and swallowing back vomit. yeah it was pretty dramatic.   She quickly handed me the diaper and wipes that she was carrying around in her arms and ran to show me where Mia was. ( i thought about it later, was she going to change mia if she couldn't find me in time?)

Now i know from experience that she wouldn't be freakin out about this unless Mia had so kindly fished something out of her diaper. 

I was right.  standing in a corner of the family room, sweet little Mia had a giant grin on her face (thankfully no poop there) with covered hands and legs. So Mia laid down and i clean her up, all the while Evelyn is applauding me with cheers, and gags, i told her that she didn't have to watch and i could take care of it.  After gagging a few more times she decided i could handle it from there. 

I pray for Evelyn's sake that this is just something now and she will eventually grow out of it.  I'm hoping its only because she's seen her father throw up just at the smell of a stinky diaper. 

day 5 - a picture of somewhere you've been

i have been searching and searching for some pictures, but i couldn't find anything super legit. so this will have to do. in 2004 my family went on a two week road trip across country we ended up in Nauvoo, Illinois but this was in St. Louis. We went to the top of the arch.

me inside the "egg" we called it, making our way up the side to the top of the arch.
it was extremely small and a bit claustrophobic

proof i was up there.
looking down and took a picture of the shadow of the arch.
it was pretty crazy being that high.


  1. that story is so gross!!! seriously- oh and im still pissed i did not get to go on that trip:(

  2. Um. I don't think she will grow out of it. Chris and I have had bad gag reflexes since childhood. Mine is worse. If I even hear someone fake gag, I gag. blegh...


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