lame sauce

yep that's right i just dropped a lame sauce on you.
drop it like its hot!

not much going on in this crazy life today.  my fault.
i'm still recovering from the happening of being out of the house pretty much all day yesterday.  so tired.

we went on an adventure to my mommas work, she is retiring after 20+ years of working at the elementary school my siblings and myself all went to. so we went down there with some stuff and some kids.

my kiddos better learn to behave better when they are actually in school. 
i'm sure they will, right?!

we ended up at my sistas house, until we went to my cutie pie niece's preschool graduation.

okay this is were i get serious people.

okay not really, but i've got to know....

when did graduating preschool become such a big hoopla celebration??

call me old fashion but wouldn't just a piece of paper saying "You did it!!" now get out of my class be enough?

It was very adorable to see all those little faces be all excited, but it seemed a bit much.

I probably just don't get it because my kids aren't in that stage of life now, or maybe i'm just a simpleton.

anyway i just thought it was odd, cute, but odd.

are we making too much out of things that should be simple??

day 8 - short term goals for this month and why
a few days behind i think.  i forgot about it. my brain in mushy.

  • no soda for the rest of this month. hahaha. oh yeah go me.

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