drei w/ a twist

day 3 - a picture of you as a child

 yes this is me.  which i'm pretty sure is me in my kindergarten glory days.

i honestly don't think my looks have changed so much. haha.  straight caterpillar eyebrows, same over the top cheese smile, uncontrollable hair.

this picture is my favorite because i see so much of my children.  its weird thinking that there are little ones out there that look like me now.
i guess that was ment to happen, obvious by the fact that i helped create them. haha.

added bonus:
who looks like me more??

(click to make the picture bigger)


  1. Here I've been thinking Amelia looked just like Chris.... But she is SO YOU! hahaha! Although, everyone who has met you thinks you are my sister, not that Chris is my brother. *shrug*

  2. gosh..its so hard to tell---- they are both you


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