oh baby.

So yesterday (memorial day) was everything i hoped for and more.

We did not eat any watermelon, but i did get to cuddle with my niece so its all good folks.

It was the first time i saw my niece in the flesh, and she is even cuter in person. 

source: mwphoto

Seriously how precious is this little one.  I held her for about an hour or so just drinking her in.  Which is why i failed to take any pictures of the other things we did, i was just too excited and smitten by this little slice of heaven.

I know i'm not done having children, there will be at least one more in our near future, i don't know when, but its so exciting to think about.

Babies are so precious, and can bring even the strongest tough guys to coo and gah along with them.   


I love reading every comment! It gives me warm fuzzies inside!

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