four and more

I've been working with Evelyn (my oldest) with developing some more skills for her upcoming adventures with school.

Today she learned the correct way to write the letter E.

I now know with out a doubt (i knew a bit before, but now 100% confirmed) that i could never ever home school my kids.  I would go absolutely crazy if i couldn't send them to school.

she has got some serious selective hearing and she has not selected me to be one she hears.
"School Time" is fine in theory is a wonderful idea, but it's just not what we expected. I'll keep on keepin on, i won't give up, any learning time is better than no learning time.

I applaud all you mommas out there that can home school your kids. You are doing great work! Just not for me kind of work. :)

day 4 - a habit that you wish you didn’t have
many, but we'll just stick with one.
Biting my nails.  i'll go so long and do such a great job, then a slow, or maybe a stressful day comes and i start nibbling, gah!!!

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