Summer time around our little neck of the hood = war time.

heats up outside, the ants go marchin right into our house.
i don't blame them, there is a feast of yummy snacks waiting for them, with love, from my children under the couch all the time. 

our first summer (last year) was a battle. it was tough but i finally managed to keep those little devils out.  it was seriously ridiculous.

i was hoping this summer would be better, but im already scared for my life, and my children's as well. no, i'm not even kidding people, i've got mutant ants here. apparently they went off to mutant school and learned to be super ants.

these things are bigger than the biggest fire ants i've seen. just thinking about them is making my skin crawl. great now i'm paranoid.

But i know its gonna be all good, cause i've got the best ant fighter trainees around.  

Get your war face on....grrrrrrrrrr....watch out they bite. 

no really, sometimes they do and it hurts.


  1. hahaha! Oh no! stinking ants!

  2. Chalk is suppose to help deter ants. They don't like it. We did that in our old place and it seemed to help some.

    I also just heard that ants don't like dryer sheets. So saved the used ones and put them around the entrance of your house and see if that helps! And then let me know if it works. Good luck!

  3. Michelle i've never heard of those ways before. i will have to check those out. thanks for the ideas!

  4. oh how i hate PISS ants!!! they make me cry


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