love feelings

so i took a little break. whatcha gonna do?

well i guess it may not have been a "break" really, but lets just say i did. coolness.  my offspring have been sick this past week so they needed some tlc from momma. 

they seem to be sick a lot. hmmmm....maybe its because my oldest sneaks spoonfuls of chocolate frosting from the fridge and my two little chicklets devourer (is that even how you spell this?even with spell check i don't know) it with little evidence.

yes evelyn is rockin a hilary duff shirt, and no i never clothe my little nugget amelia, cause all that chocolate on her chest would have been a clean shirt now ruined.
and i'm serisouly feeling some love from my western indian couches right now. yeah that how i roll, free stuff.
oh and have i mentioned how incredibly entertaining my children are?

day 6 - favorite super hero and why

Super Martian Robot Girl.  Because when your introuble and you need help she'll help you out. :)

if you want to know who i'm talking about check out this video it will clear things up for you.

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