messing with the messes

When do i not have a messy house? very few times. even when its "clean" it still seems messy.
i was in the kitchen cleaning the dishes.  wait this deserves a moment to celebrate!!

woot woot!! GO ME YEAHH!
okay moment over.  so as i was saying i was tackling the piles of dishes in my sink when i hear a lot of crunching sounds, coming from the family room.  yep of course. my little nugget poured a whole box of cheeze-itz all over the floor and was stomping on them. She was having the best time too, so why stop it. i got on the floor and took some pictures. i was then attacked from a blitz from the left, and then another from the right.
here are a few shots of my little nugget showing off her amazing work. :)

crunching cheeze-itz is an artform that is hard to perfect.

day 7 - a picture of someone/something that has had the biggest impact on you

my children.

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  1. wow! that is some SERIOUS pacience:) i would be freaking out.........wait a second brinlee does that almost every day but with cereal and gum..... while i do hair she seems to make crazy messes


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